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Other blogs that I read fondly

  • Jocelyn Veevers writes eloquently about the diverse array of books she reads each month. An outstanding source for recommendations and reviews concerning intriguing books that you're (or at least I’m) not likely to have heard of.
  • About once every two months, I spend a day reading a couple years’ worth of posts on Human Transit, the blog of Jarrett Walker, a public transit consultant from Portland, Oregon. I always come away in an electric daze of contemplation.
  • The blog of the late Ursula K. Le Guin is completely wonderful. Much delightful, expressive, and perspicacious writing on such topics as her cat (Pard), language, books, the internet, politics, general silliness …
  • David Walbert’s writings on the history of food, on theology, philosophy, and relating musings – I find them to be very worthwhile.
  • David Lebovitz’s blog is always a good source for cake recipes and anecdotes about life in Paris.