three dots …


About me

I am a student at the University of King's College—hopefully graduating soonish, but we'll see. (I've been saying that for a while now.) I enjoy dabbling in programming, mostly in Haskell. Outside of this website, I can be found on Instagram and Subreply.

Why “three dots”? Because three dots is the visual form of the ellipsis (‘…’), and I am an elliptical man.

About this website

I post new content highly irregularly. Blog posts are dated by when I originally composed their content. This date may be months or years earlier than when the post appears here—I often post backdated items that I had written as a note to myself much earlier.

On the technical side, the website consists of statically generated HTML (and some CSS, written by hand with the assistance of Sass), hosted with GitHub Pages. The HTML is generated with Eleventy.

I am constantly intermittently adding, editing, removing stuff, adding stuff back again, and tweaking the design of the site, so check back again soon!

I hope your find this website an amusing stop on your internet travels.