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I am Alan; this is my website. Currently it consists of my blog, which I update according as I have spare time and whim, some miscellaneous lists. There is also a page with a little more about this website and me. Feel free to browse.

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Whenever I open a can of chickpeas and rinse them, I am overcome with a desire to take each chickpea and slip off its transparent skin. I find it so satisfying – so that of course I am not satisfied at all until I have slipped the skin off of every last one. The safest thing for me, therefore, is never to start in the first place.

I have a great love of editing. Semicolon—
or m-dash? Too many syllables? Too languid?
too clipped? One sentence twisting, another
straight-ahead. Warp; point; zig; zag. I once
dropped my house-keys such that they fell
between the boards of the front porch:
I rescued them with a bent coat-hanger. Yes,
I am nothing if not resourceful.

On oomancy

Yesterday evening we had friends over to our apartment for our weekly oomancy session. As I was sweeping the floor in anticipation of their arrival, I thought back to the first time I tried my hand at oomancy.

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