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Good evening! I am Alan; this is my website. Please take up a chair; I will bring you some sparkling water in a moment. Feel free to browse.

Currently this website consists of my blog, which I update according as I have spare time and whim, and some miscellaneous lists. There is also a page with a little more about this website and me.

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The Rideau Canal

As of , the Rideau Canal in Ottawa is the nearest body of water to where I live. Previously it was the Atlantic Ocean; before that, the Assiniboine River—both natural bodies of water:——


I first met my fiancée on . I found my record of this incident as I was reading through my Catalogue of Days, looking for potential blog-post material. (I knew that we had met in May of that year, but I had forgot the exact date.) At the time, among my housemates was a good high-school friend of hers, so she was visiting for a week and stayed with us. I described her in that entry as pretty cool. (I now have more developed thoughts on her virtues.)

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Pen and paper

I have started using a paper notebook for an agenda/planner/to-do-list thing. It's been an interesting experiment.

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